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design is my passion

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I am very curious and I do not stop until I try to do my best, thanks to my versatility and my knowledge, I always implement new techniques and try to adapt to new work models.

Practice Makes Perfect


My professional development is in government. I started working in the systems area and then specialized in Corporate Communication. I developed a solid and clear institutional image of a government institution and there I became a Communications and Press Coordinator.

Work team & friends.

To carry out all these jobs, I had the joy of being close to the best people, those who work alongside me and those who place their trust in me.

Martín Reibel, María Victoria Costas, Juan Sztark, Andrea Mercado, Emilia Åström, Eduardo Imasaka, Paola Cevallos, Marta Porté, RRHH AABE team, ProCreAr 2012 Comunication team, Comunication AABE team, IT Orsna Team, Customer Support ORSNA Team & more.